About Brendan Mace

Brendan Mace

Brendan is from Beautiful British Columbia that is fortunate enough to know how to make good money online.

His Story

Like most of us here, Brendan used to work a 9 to 5 with a boss that would make Donald Trump seem like Mother Teresa. He did it until he took university classes on Sociology in the Okanagan. He used the university as a way to escape the 9 to 5 grind until he found a better alternative through niche website development.

Finding your true passion can be very exciting. Brendan thought for sure that he would be the typical university grad with an office job somewhere. Literally counting down the hours until he did be able to go back to his awesome family.

That life didn’t ever really appeal to him, yet like so many others, it’s the route he first tried to take. But the school experience taught him that he was never meant to be stuck in an office. Brendan needed to do something better with my life.

One day, a friend of his recommended that he start making money online.

The whole idea of making money over the internet seemed like a big SCAM. All the “pop ups” and pushy advertising in the MMO look unclassy, to say the least, so he was a little bit skeptical that it could actually be done in a more professional way.

But his friend showed him his Amazon Affiliate earnings and proved that success is possible.

From that day on, Brendan never looked back, EVER!.

Due to his forward-looking vision as a product creator, along with his prestigious reputation within his niche, I have no doubt that this time, TrafficLaze will be another buzzing hit.