About Jono Armstrong

Jono Armstrong

Jono is been living in Jakarta Indonesia 17 years since the year 2000.

His Story

Jono left England when he finished sixth grade or high school. went to Australia for a year and when he returned he had to stop in Indonesia.

Jono likes to hear absolutely watched food to people who vibrate the sound all the time especially time. So he decided he did not really want to go back to England.

Jono really likes to teach and hates the fact that he has a boss who tells him what to do, what to teach, and so on.

In 2004, Jono started with Google Adsense, ClickBank products which are big enough at the time and he gains a lot.

Jono was also in the website niche that he did well until all those Google updates and sort of messed up a bit.

Then Jono goes in Drop Shipping for about 5 years. It was very profitable, but unfortunately, it’s a bit dry up a bit recently.

Then in 2009, Jono goes into Email Marketing and Affiliate Marketing. He’s also a professional musician in Jakarta Indonesia like a part-time job.

Jono wakes up every morning and thanks God for the blessings he has received. He does not have to get up very early and decide on his daily schedule.

The laptop lifestyle is the lifestyle Jon leads and he is really grateful for it and he hopes is going to be able to help some of you out there.

Because of his effort and vision, as well as his prestigious reputation in his niche, I have no doubt that this time, TrafficLaze will be another success.